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Gordon A Manson Artist
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I draw and paint to express my inner feelings that are hard to put into words. I work in a realistic style that is very detailed. There is a story behind each drawing and painting that I produce. Each one comes out of personal experience with the subject.

I started my journey as an artist at a very early age. I painted in oils on canvas and board in the beginning. My subjects consisted of lessons from the “How To” books, in order to learn how to use the oil paints. My subject matter consisted of figures, portraits, still life and landscape.

As I progressed, landscapes became my primary subject. I was trying to make sense of the world I lived in and how it affected me. Living in Manitoba gave me an array of different geographical subjects. It also provided three distinct seasons to give variations of the same scene.

In recent years I have moved to British Columbia and become involved with horses. I have found these animals to be more intelligent and complex than most people give them credit for. They have become the major source for my artwork.