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Gordon A Manson Artist
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Description of Picture.Gordon paints in acrylic on canvas and his drawings are in graphite on paper. He works in a realistic style that is very detailed. His main subject is the horse, working cowboys and ranch landscapes. His drawings are primarily the subject, he leaves the background blank in order to allow the viewer to see the setting as it relates to their own experiences. Gordon Started painting in his early teens. He used the “How To” books to experiment and learn the use of oils. His mother enabled him to take classes as well. Later in his development, at the University of Manitoba in the fine arts program, he switched to acrylic. Gordon has been successful, over the years, in being accepted into juried shows in Canada and the US. He has also had one man shows in Maple Ridge and Kamloops, BC. He has won at the Western State Horse Expo, Art Show and Sale, in Sacrimento, California. He has his work in private collections in Canada, the US, Australia and England. Gordon continues to coordinate the Art of the West Show, in conjunction with the Kamloops Cowboy Festival, after five years of doing it. Just recently, Gordon and his wife Rosemarie, were able to purchase a small acreage in Grindrod, BC. There they have their horses with them and Gordon continues to paint and draw.